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Globalaw Foundation 

The Globalaw Foundation gives back to communities and organizations in need, with a focus on legal education and access to justice.

The directors of the Globalaw Foundation include former Globalaw presidents, Executive Committee members and previous participants in the Globalaw Leadership Programme that come from Globalaw member firms worldwide. The Foundation, in the spirit of Globalaw, does not confine itself to any geographic area and carries out its activities across the world. The Globalaw Foundation is funded through a combination of donations from Globalaw member Firms, and funds raised at events hosted and supported by Globalaw.

Globalaw Foundation

The Foundation has two key missions:  

to help young people access legal education and training and to support access to justice for those who would otherwise be denied it for financial or other reasons.

Why use Globalaw ?

We strongly believe in new generations and their potential to achieve a better and fairer world through a wider legal culture to be globally spread as an indispensable tool for peace and democracy.

Why use Globalaw ?

We work together to provide legal representation and related education to those in need.


Globalaw is proud to have funded the following charities: 

Avvocato di Strada

Avvocato di Strada provides free legal assistance to people living on the street.

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Fundación Liborio Mejía

Fundación Liborio Mejía promotes and strengthens peace, coexistence, access to justice and the participation of Colombians in the resolution of their own differences, through the defense and protection of human rights, the empowerment of minorities and vulnerable populations of the armed conflict, and the use and implementation of conflict resolution mechanisms, with the objective to contribute to the construction of a country in peace.

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Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access (IDIA)

IDIA is an Indian charity that empowers underprivileged communities by assisting members of their community to access the highest levels of legal study by providing essential funding. By doing so, IDIA enhances diverse access to justice. In 2017 Globalaw funded the cost of applications and entrance exams for students in its programme, fees that represent a real impediment to progress, without external assistance.

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International Justice Mission (IJM)

International Justice Mission is a worldwide entity that safeguards individuals who are living in impoverished conditions and are at risk of experiencing violence. Through collaboration with local officials, the organization operates in 24 program offices spanning across 14 nations, working towards the elimination of trafficking and slavery, violence targeting women and children, and abuse of authority by law enforcement personnel. As of 2020, IJM has been granted the authorization to contact any of the Globalaw member firms worldwide and obtain a free 30-minute consultation on legal matters.

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Southwark Law Centre

Southwark Law Centre provides a specialist casework service, in the areas of immigration, housing employment, discrimination and welfare rights.

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Southeast NH Habitat for Humanity

SENH Habitat is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strengthens families and develops communities by partnering with corporations, like-minded community groups, faith-based organizations, and individual volunteers to build and renovate simple, decent, affordable homes with hard-working people who are in need. For more information about SENH Habitat, visit or call 603–433–9555.

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