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Why join Globalaw

An effective platform to seamlessly address and meet global client needs.  

Why join globalaw

Globalaw is a leading global network for providing clients with excellent, personalized legal services. 

There are many more membership benefits. Have a look at our presentation on membership benefits or contact us today to learn more.See the presentation

Legal solution provider

Seamlessly address and respond to client needs thanks to a personal and collaborative relationship with fellow member firms. Our attorneys know and trust each other. This gives Globalaw and its members an advantage over its competition. Furthermore, members share business opportunities among each other to bring added value to their client relationships.

Industry & market expertise

A strategic and carefully developed network of domestic and international law firms enables attorneys of member firms to expand their industry expertise and market knowledge, thereby providing their clients with the best legal advice possible. This offers considerable flexibility and unique client benefits.


Your clients will benefit from responsive, consistently high-quality legal representation anywhere in the world. Member firms cover a full range of practice areas and provide great depth and breadth of legal excellence.

Globalaw Leadership Program

Building tomorrow’s leaders. 

The Globalaw Leadership Programme (GLP) underlines the importance we place on training young lawyers.

The programme is designed to inspire individuals for future leadership in the network and the legal profession in a cross-cultural environment. We invite you to read the GLP Brochure to learn further about the programme.

GLP brochure
Globalaw Free Time Policy

Enabling consulting between and among member firms. 

The Globalaw free time policy enables all member firms to benefit from a limited amount (30 minutes) of free legal consultation from other Globalaw member firms.

This policy is intended to contribute to the effectiveness of the Globalaw network by providing value-creating solutions to clients at no cost and demonstrating the worldwide resources available to Globalaw member firms and their clients.This opportunity reflects the cooperative spirit of our association.

Business Initiatives

Globalaw Business and Regional Initiatives. 

Globalaw’s task forces and working groups are designed to share best practices among their members, identify and share business opportunities for firms and their clients, and expand their combined service scope. The members of these Initiatives attend industry events, organize meetings and receptions in connection with major conferences in their respective industry fields and jointly participate in other industry functions. Globalaw will continue to seek out opportunities to promote its global expertise to a wider audience. Email us for more information.

Discover Globalaw Strategic Partners. 

Globalaw’s relationships with strategic partners allow member firms to better serve their clients. Learn more about our strategic partners here.

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Membership criteria

The Globalaw membership committee evaluates the following criteria when reviewing a prospective member's application. 

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  • Reputation
  • Size
  • Capability and commitment to delivery of quality advice and work product
  • Compatibility with existing members
  • Location convenient for international commerce
  • Experience handling international referrals
  • Expertise in corporate, litigation, labour/employment, intellectual property, commercial and related tax matters
  • Participation and initiatives in network meetings
Other than reputation, capability and commitment, all of the criteria are applied recognizing the differences between major international markets and countries not as active or strategic to international commerce.

As the network was established as a non-exclusive network of independent firms, membership in only one network could be one indication of a firm’s commitment to the network.

However, exclusivity is not synonymous with commitment. In addition, exclusivity may unnecessarily inhibit the ability of the network to attract or retain members in certain jurisdictions.

All of the above criteria must be balanced with the “good faith” commitment set out in our members’ letter of understanding.

Therefore, exclusivity is to be evaluated as a criterion for membership in the context of the broader goals of (i) commitment to the network and active participation therein, and (ii) compliance with the good faith obligation of our letter of understanding.

Each applicant discloses their membership in other networks or other formal arrangements which could reasonably negatively impact commitment to these goals. The existence of other arrangements is a significant factor in evaluating whether membership or continued membership is appropriate.

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