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Globalaw is a leading global network providing clients with excellent, personalized legal services. 


Globalaw consists of entrepreneurial, full-service law firms who are extremely well connected in their local markets.

We provide clients with cost-effective services and practical legal solutions molded to the local legal and socio-economic context. Member firms are leading firms within their jurisdictions. We have loyal and dedicated member firms in places where the large global firms do not have offices and have to outsource. Our firms are integral to their business community. We are able therefore not just to resolve legal issues, but to introduce our clients to genuine business opportunities all around the world. We are able to coordinate large numbers of firms and lawyers, if necessary, to handle large and complex transactions.


We structure our service offerings tailored to clients. We routinely collaborate to make the client’s experience as straightforward and convenient as possible.

In multi-jurisdictional matters, a coordinating firm can act as central billing point and coordinate retainers. The coordinating firm can act as your main point of contact throughout if requested.


We enjoy and leverage Members’ deep personal and professional relationships, which are built through collaboration and frequent in-person interaction.

We work hard to make people feel welcome within our network and our members work hard to deliver quality service and to provide global solutions.


Globalaw selects only highly capable members in key jurisdictions - putting quality and relevance of a member over quantity of members.

Globalaw carefully vets and selects its member firms, to ensure quality, responsive representation across all member firms. Member firms commit to meeting the Globalaw Quality Commitment.


Globalaw is commited to corporate social responsibility, supporting communities in need and embracing diversity.

Globalaw values a diverse mix of minds, backgrounds and experiences. We are committed to an inclusive network that values all races, religions, colours, ages, sexes, national origins, sexual orientations, gender identities, and physical abilities.

Globalaw member firms share a commitment to corporate social responsibility. Working with the Globalaw Foundation, members support communities in need through pro bono work and financial donations.


For over 25 years, Globalaw firms have been working together around the world to help their clients succeed.

Globalaw firms are flexible and able to effectively and efficiently respond to multi-jurisdictional issues. The Globalaw advantage is the ability to draw upon local knowledge and connections, through a well-connected and accountable network of firms. See below for more information about some of our success stories.

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Why use Globalaw ?