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Strategic Relationships

Globalaw’s strategically-selected service providers provide key services and support for clients. 

Expand your network

Strategic Relationship Opportunities. 

Learn more about opportunities for collaboration with Globalaw.

Grow your influence and expand your market. Increase the power of your network and bring your product to a broader audience. Become a Globalaw Strategic Service Provider and watch your sales flourish both regionally and internationally.

Our Strategic Relationship Programme is designed to help you promote, market and position your company to Globalaw firms for success in the legal industry. We provide select companies in the legal services industry with a powerful and cost-effective way to reach thousands of international, legal decision-makers.

Strategic Relationships

Globalaw has formed strong relationships with service providers who share our commitment to quality in their own fields and provide ancillary services supporting our clients needs. 

Global access

Get access to lawyers globally. 

Influence decision-makers

Access our extensive network of lawyers and their clients in the legal industry.

Increase regional and global sales

Target a specific region to meet your business goals. Present your products in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and / or APAC regions.

Forge valuable relationships

Get to know individual member firms and their needs through one-on-one professional and social interactions with meeting attendees.

Showcase products

Our members are seeking valuable products and services to run their firms more effectively and efficiently.

Increase visibility

Build and reinforce your brand in front of your target audience.

Globalaw Strategic Relationship Values and Goals. 


Tailored, individualistic approach:

Your business is unique, and we prioritize gaining a deep understanding of it to identify the best solutions that precisely meet your needs. This entails looking beyond Globalaw meetings and exploring together the vast business opportunities a prestigious network like Globalaw can offer.


Exclusivity ensured through a limited and select number of strategic relationships:

We are deliberately selective in establishing strategic relationships to maximize your access to our delegates.


Competitive pricing:

Our sponsorship packages are priced competitively to ensure high value and encourage repeat business.

Strategic Relationship Values and Goals

Building long-term relationships. 

Our network is founded upon trust and confidence which has grown out of personal relationships. We view our strategic relationships as an essential component of the success of our network.

Mutually beneficial:

Globalaw strives to create long-term strategic relationships, built on transparency, mutual trust and a deep understanding of each other’s business needs.

Continuous support:

Your strategic relationship with Globalaw does not end with a commercial exchange, it is a continuous conversation about mutual support and around business opportunities that enhance both parties’ businesses.