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Coordinated, cost-efficient solutions to meeting international legal needs. 

Explore some of the hundreds of cases in which Globalaw firms have acted as co-counsel.

A large multi-national Japanese client of our Japanese member (Chuo Sogo Law Office), contacted it with a narrowly-defined question of employment/labour law affecting a proposed global re-organisation of its subsidiaries in the following 10 jurisdictions: USA (California, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Texas), France, Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The firm sent a request to 10 Globalaw member firms in the respective jurisdictions on 29 January and collected all 10 responses by 1 February: three days later.

While the question posed was narrowly-drawn, the replies the firm received were meticulously researched, often alerting the client of additional legal issues specific to a given jurisdiction. Needless to say, the client memorandum demonstrated to the client (and re-confirmed to the firm) the unique efficiency and reliability of our network.

Last but not least, no firm requested payment for the assistance – all work was completed under the 30 minute Free Time Policy.

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