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Almeida Advogados 

Almeida Advogados

Almeida Advogados was formed in 2001, resulting from the union of competent and committed legal professionals, whose activities were initially focused on Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring. Since then, our company has grown in an exponential manner, adding new skills and distinguishing itself on several practices of Corporate Law, supporting Brazilian and Foreign companies with consulting services, prevention of litigation and litigation in general. Almeida Advogados works as a true partner for its clients, with its headquarters located in the largest trade center of Brazil and subsidiaries strategically situated. Its primary aim is to understand the business reality of the companies and know the particularities of the markets where its activities are performed. With a participatory policy and differentiated manner of attending, Almeida Advogados supports its clients in the feasibility of new businesses and works to minimize any risks involved in their operations. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, with specialization in Brazil and abroad, committed to the values of the office. Almeida Advogados adopts as its ideal the constant search for the best answers and targets, what connects the activity of its team combined with agility, creativity and dynamism, providing to their clients an efficient and specialized legal assistance in various economic sectors.

South America
Sao Paulo
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