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Huth Dietrich Hahn 

Huth Dietrich Hahn

Established in 1990, Huth Dietrich Hahn currently employs 14 lawyers. The size of the firm has the advantage of being big enough to take on and deal effectively with considerably large mat-ters, for example in the field of mergers an acquisitions, whilst also retaining a reputation of advising individual clients on smaller matters. All of the partners of the firm have had considerable working experience in the legal profession in different jurisdictions, with some of the firm''s partners having graduated with Masters Degrees in the United States. As a result of such extensive international experience and expertise, the firm has been able to associate with and establish a network with other firms of foreign lawyers. Huth Dietrich Hahn is a founding member of the Globalaw network. Accordingly, the firm is able to offer its clients services not only within Germany and the rest of Europe, but in almost all countries world wide. The firm specialises in the field of acquisitions and mergers, and is able to provide a broad range of advice on acquisitions, restructuring and corporate finance. The firm will advise the client throughout the transaction, from the letter of intent, during the due diligence process, through negotiation, whilst also advising on the tax implications of the transaction, restructuring and financing. The firm is also able to provide related services in the areas of anti-trust and labour law. Huth Dietrich Hahn''s practice also covers matters of IPOs of companies and further areas of the firm''s expertise include real property, the laws of succession (in particular with respect to companies), anti-trust law, European Community law and public law.

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