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Pinzon Pinzon & Asociados 

Pinzon Pinzon & Asociados

Pinzón Pinzón & Asociados is a Colombian law firm created on May 1st 1988. Our team enjoys of the academic background and required expertise to understand the significance of your Companies ideas and offer the best legal protection. We offer you advise in the areas of Business Law, Intellectual Property, Antitrust Law and Sanitary Proceedings. Our corporate values are truth, solidarity, constant investigation, a proactive approach and delivery of commitments. Our mission is to accompany clients anywhere in the world they need to go. We have designed a portfolio of products and an international network of offices to suit your requirements so that you will always receive top quality advise from people who are always thinking of contribution to the generation of value. Our corporate structure is headed by the Board of Management, which manages the legal team of local and foreign partners and associates, and support staff committed to our mission. We have formed a solid group to provide the accompaniment and support the client needs, with solid experience, and the track record and constant values of the firm.

South America
Bogota D.C.
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